The Primrose Foundation was launched in 1995 by two surgeons and a radiologist who worked at (the then named) Derriford Hospital - Colin Teasdale, Roger Watkins and Pam Jones. 

At the time, breast clinics were held in the hospital’s general outpatients on the ground floor. So when women visited with a breast symptom, they would have to get dressed and undressed on multiple occasions to travel around to different areas of the hospital for their examinations, x-raysand biopsies. During such an emotional time in a person’s life, it didn’t feel right that they had to go through added stress, which often resulted in some patients feeling anxious and vulnerable.

The trio wanted to open a specialist ‘one stop clinic’ at Derriford Hospital, which would provide all the facilities needed to offer effective breast screening, biopsy, counselling and nursing support under one roof, whilst ultimately bringing together the surgical, radiology and breast care nursing teams and thus, the idea for The Primrose Breast Care Centre was born.



The huge sum of £500,000 needed to be raised to fund so in 1997, an appeal was launched by the charity’s first Chair of the Trustees, Dame Margaret Fry, to raise those funds. Through a dedicated fundraising committee, the target was achieved quickly, all thanks to the hard work and generosity shown by fundraisers across the South West.



Incredibly, Plymouth Hospital Trust matched the money raised and the Primrose Breast Care Centre officially opened its doors for the first time on 19th April 2001 (Primrose Day).

To this day, our heartfelt thanks goes out to all those who were involved as the centre wouldn’t exist today without their dedication and many families across the South West would not have had access to the cutting edge treatment and care that Primrose Breast Care Centre now provides.