We’re your local breast care charity, based at the Primrose Breast Care Centre, Level 7, University Hospitals Plymouth.

Originally set up over 24 years ago, via an appeal to help fund and develop a ‘One Stop Clinic’ in Plymouth, where a one-day assessment is carried out by a variety of different breast care services to find out whether or not further investigations are needed. 

The original appeal raised an amazing £500,000 which was match funded by the NHS to create The Primrose Breast Care Centre we know today - A state-of-the art clinic where highly skilled Breast Surgeons, Breast Radiologists, Breast Care Nurses, Radiographers & screening support workers all work together with an incredible administration team to provide a high-quality and efficient service that puts the patients at the heart of everything they do. Our catchment areas include the City of Plymouth, much of East Cornwall and much of West and South Devon. 

So far, the Primrose Foundation has raised over £1 million to enhance the facilities and services provided by both The Primrose Breast Care Centre & other essential services a patient may need whilst on the breast pathway including;

We’re always happy to hear from patients that the Primrose Breast Care Centre feels homely, safe, bright and secure and we intend to keep it that way! With that in mind, we will continue to build on our achievements and remain at the forefront of treatment, care and support. Working in partnership with NHS staff, we are determined to make a significant difference to the future of breast care.